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Big EZ Bookkeeping

Pay for Services

Set-Up Service

Requires  a $40 payment and

the purchase of a system

in the past 12 months.

One hour for $40 USD

Catch-Up Service

Requires  a $120

Deposit on Account.

Purchase of system

required if you plan

to install and use a

copy after we get

your records up-to-date.

Three hours for $120 USD

Write-Up Service

Requires  a $200

Deposit on Account.

Five hours for $200 USD

Rather pay by check?  Please mail payment here. Include your contact information.

PayPal: Buy 1 Hour Set-Up Help PayPal: Buy 3 hour Deposit on Account PayPal: Buy 5 hour Deposit on Account

NOTE:  The deposit remains on your account until the Final Monthly Billing has been issued. Any difference between the Deposit on Account and the Final Monthly Billing will be refunded to you within 10 days. You will be billed once a month and payment is due Net 10 days. Reports are sent upon receipt of payment.

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