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One Non-Profit Treasurer’s True Story

I contacted a client to get feedback as to why she likes using Big E-Z Bookkeeping software. I get lots of questions from people who are running or being treasurer for a non-profit so I thought I’d share her story and advice…

Susan, the new treasurer of an organic food co-op, needed a bookkeeping software program for their small non-profit. She agreed to take over for the past treasurer, who had been sick for many months and could not continue. She needed to get caught up quickly for it was November, their annual meeting was the next month and she would need to present a financial report to the members.

The financial report consists of just a few totals like total income and total expenses for the first 10 months of operation, an accounting of any capital purchases and total overhead as a percentage of income.  She writes only a few checks and makes one deposit of member purchases each month and needs a way to be sure she collected membership dues from each member.  

She chooses the Big E-Z Bookkeeping System . . .

She wanted a bookkeeping system that would allow her to import

bank account transactions easily to get caught up and produce

accurate financial reports.  Based on her past experience, she wanted

a system that was much simpler to use

than QuickBooks.  

2. She enters her data . . .


She entered the beginning bank balance and set up the expense

categories in the blank columns in the Checks area. She signed on to her

Online bank account and downloaded a CSV file of all transactions from

January through November. She then imported the data into Big E-Z.

Big E-Z automatically opened and placed all her transactions into the

correct months’ Deposits and Checks worksheets. All that was left to do

was to categorize the entries into the correct expense columns.

Susan: “I liked using the first 10 rows to list checks I write

every month so Excel can memorize them. Once I do that, I can start typing the payment name and Excel finishes typing it for me.  It took me 1 hour to categorize 11 months of expenses. What a great time saver!”

Susan then set up her two income categories (Member purchases and membership dues) in the Deposits area. There are 11 columns to use for tracking your main income categories and 100 columns for subcategorizing income.

Susan:  “What’s really cool is the Big E-Z System has the ability to track income from each member individually by using the purple subcategory sections.  I can easily determine what members have paid their annual dues and who still owes me.”


Susan ensures she accounts for everything.

To ensure she has everything accounted for Susan matches her totals up with balances from the bank and credit card used by the non-profit. It’s called reconciling— this is an important step that a lot of people skip but this is where Susan and Big E-Z really shine. Big E-Z has a simple way to Reconcile the Checkbook  (video, 2 min.)—but takes it a step further than most bookkeeping software programs. We have the exclusive Account Balance Tracker (video, 2 min.), which easily reconcile all other accounts like savings, cash and loan accounts.  

Susan: “I make it a practice to always reconcile before my board meeting so I know everything is completely accurate.”

Advice to other non-profit treasurers . . .

Susan: “It’s a good idea to have a backup person for each

job in a non-profit like our co-op.  Bookkeeping is probably

the most essential job for which to have a backup person

and it can also be the most difficult job to transfer to someone

new. However, I found I was able to easily step in and take

over because Big E-Z was so intuitive to learn.  So the key

here is to use a system that most anyone can be trained

on quickly.”