Monthly Bookkeeping Tasks

After Entering Your Financial Data

Keep in mind if you are using the importer you are reflecting exactly what the bank has on record for your account. If the bank makes a mistake (which they sometimes do) you won’t catch it. A better way to do this would be to use the importer only when you have lots of data to enter but adjust for recent checks and deposits that have not made it the bank yet. This will give you a true accounting of your activity for the month.

Reconcile It

During the first days of each month you’ll want to reconcile the checkbook. Click on the Bank Reconciliation tab and follow the simple instructions (hover over cell D 1)  to prove your records are accurate.


View the Dashboard by clicking on Settings. View Income&Expenses report to compare budgets to actual amounts, make sure your profit figure matches (see D 51 and D 77) view the At-A-Glance Sections to keep track important balances. Pay sales and estimated income taxes, if necessary. Print and store reports if you like to keep a hard copy of your work.

Back-Up and Restore Files

Be sure to back-up your Big E-Z data which is located in your Documents folder. You can now backup from the license manager (first Big E-Z Books screen that opens) by right clicking on a name and navigating to a location to save your backup to.  You may also restore from the License Manager screen. Note: only do this as a last resort as you may lose some data you already entered.


If you work with an accountant, tax preparer or colleagues now you can export your work from the Big E-Z and email a file to them.