Installing Big E-Z and Your License Key

  Step 1. Download the Big E-Z program from the link you received in an email.

  Step 2. You’ll get this screen. Click next >

  Step 3. Follow the wizard, then read agree to the license agreement. Do NOT change the
                  installation location of the Program file folder. Click “Install”.


  Step 4. Big E-Z Books License Manager should open (shown below). If not, go to your Start Menu on the far left and select Big E-Z Books from your Programs list.  Click on “Sample Company” and open. We recommend you use the Sample Company to see how the system works before you open another workbook for your actual data. Feel free to change amounts and play with the Sample Company but do not delete anything or some of the calculations, charts and other features will stop working.

You may want to practice importing and exporting in the Sample Company to get familiar with those features. The trial will stop working after 15 days if a License Key has not been purchased and installed.

  Step 5. Now click on Install License and another workbook set will open.

  Step 6.  Enter the License Key, the name of your new workbook, and most importantly

  click on the down arrow, then arrow over and select your the fiscal year-end date,  then click “Install.”  

  IMPORTANT NOTE:  This will set the system date and if it is entered incorrectly you will need to start the process

  over again and will lose any data you may have entered.

  Step 7. This form will reappear again but with the name of your new workbook. Select the name and click Open and    that’s it.

We’re here to help if you need to contact support.