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I’m going to show you how easy it is to keep organized accounting records for your pet grooming business. I've been teaching bookkeeping and helping businesses set up their bookkeeping systems for many years.  Unless you are one of the mega-stores in the mall with lots of inventory, your pet grooming business falls into what I call “businesses with very simple bookkeeping needs”.  That’s right, I said simple!  It might not seem that way to you, but trust me, it is. Yes, there is a learning curve but it is small if you follow a few simple rules.

Sure, there are data base programs on the market that can do the job, but they can be too cumbersome to use and way too difficult to correct. And you know we all make mistakes from time to time.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes over the years and I know just how time-consuming correcting those mistakes can be.

Here are some tips for you:     

The first tip, you'll need a separate checking account for your business. Please don't try to combine business transactions with personal. It's too difficult to keep straight. And besides, there are so many banks offering free checking accounts or better yet check into getting an account at a local credit union. I've used one for years for my business.  

Next tip, you'll want to determine which categories to track. We can help you there also.

Go to this link and choose “Dog Groomers” to see a list.  The idea here is to use your record keeping system as a way to crunch your numbers for the entire year down to a dozen or two category totals to put on your tax return.  That's the goal.


I recommend you have just one income category for all sales but break down your sales into income subcategories to determine which items sell the best or which events brought in the most income. A simple POS system should give you a breakdown of items sold for the day along with taxes and how customers paid you for example cash, check or charge.


Expenses are pretty straightforward as you can see from the list I mentioned above. If you have expenses related to specific events you can setup subcategories to track those also.

Payroll & Taxes

I recommend you use a payroll service to pay employees and just record the payroll totals in the system to track taxes withheld and taxes owed. Please don’t spend withheld tax money. This will cause you all kinds of trouble with the tax authorities. Try to put this money aside until it is due.

Another tip is to manage your business more effectively by viewing how well you are doing on a monthly basis. You will want to see clear, concise reports (video) you can understand and trust and know how to correct if an amount gets entered incorrectly or to the wrong category. You also want to know your profits and if you are over spending in a certain area.

How Easy Is It To Correct?

Now, choose a bookkeeping system that is easy for you to correct. Most people don't even consider this important feature. If you have ever tried to correct an entry error in a cumbersome accounting program you know exactly what I mean. You could spend hours of your precious time trouble shooting and Google to find the best way to correct something or you can heed my advice and purchase a system that is logically laid out so it is easy to correct from the start.

How much easier does accounting get than to enter some amounts under a few columns and then print reports? There is power in that! It is a great feeling to know you are in control and everything is running smoothly.

Need some inspiration?  Here’s a list of benefits:


More Benefits You'll Receive

If you would like to try out Big E-Z Books here's how to get started:

Step #1 is to Get a Free Demo:  

Request a Free Demo of Big E-Z Books.  (Installs on your Windows 7 to 10 machine) Then, schedule a free 30-minute time slot. We’ll help with the install, give you a tour and some ideas on how to set it up for your needs and it's all free. Customer service is the best part of what we do. We are here for you. We want you to succeed.

Step #2  is open the Sample Company:  

Open the Sample Company workbook we provide and play with it for a while. Try entering a few transactions or import some transactions from your bank account just to see how that works. Enter all your income in "Deposits" and all your expenses in "Checks" and print some reports. Get a feel for how easy it is to correct an entry error. Try to find your way around to see if the layout makes sense to you and if you would like using it.

Step #3 purchase a License Key:

Once you have your license key you'll open another workbook, click on "Install License" and start entering transactions and print professional looking reports.  

30 day Money Back Guarantee!

I hope I have inspired you to get started keeping your business records organized today.

Happy Bookkeeping!

How to Keep Organized Accounting Records

For Your Pet Grooming Business

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