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Things you can do:


How Can I Customize Big E-Z Books?


Where Do I Change Category Titles?

All changes have to start at the beginning of the year. Click on your first month to make changes to the categories and subcategories on Deposits and Checks.  The Cash&Charges will automatically change to reflect the categories on the Checks sheet.

You will get this message if you try to change a locked cell. Data may be entered in blank/white cells only. All other cells have formulas and are intentionally locked down to prevent changes and to keep its integrity.

System Requirements

You may install Big E-Z Books on any computer with Windows 7, 8 or 10 with .NET installed.


To use on a Mac, be sure you have one of the most popular Windows virtual environments for the Mac OS X:

Why Am I Getting This Message?

Is Big E-Z Books a Cash or Accrual Bookkeeping System?

Big E-Z Books is a Cash Based system.

Support and feedback
Feedback & Support

Highlight the part of the page you want to print and click “Print”

How Can I Print Just a Portion of a Page?

Open Big E-Z Books’s License Manager

Right click on the file

Choose “Create a Backup”

Give your backup file a name

Click “Save”

How Do I Backup?

How Do I Set Up Subcategories or Track 1099s?

Click on your first month and scroll right to the purple subcategory section of Deposits and Checks.  This is where you can set up subcategories and names for many tracking purposes.  I.e. for membership dues or subcontract labor, etc.