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One Contractor’s True Story

We contacted a long-term customer to get feedback as to why he likes using Big E-Z and here’s his story:

Jody, the owner of Premier Drywall Services needed a bookkeeping software program for his contractor business. He said he uses an online service (see below) to help him estimate jobs, bill customers and keep track of who still hasn’t paid him, but it does not handle the backend of his business—the bookkeeping.  He wanted a system that would start where his online service ended, and he wanted an alternative to QuickBooks.

1. He chose Big E-Z.

He wanted an easy bookkeeping system to use where his invoicing & estimating software left off–one that was much simpler to use than QuickBooks so he chose Big E-Z back in 2007.

Jody says. . . Big E-Z was so easy it allowed him to train one of his partners to do all the company bookkeeping, even though his partner had very little computer experience. His partner just picked it up real quickly!

2. He enters his data.

CHECKS . . .

He entered the beginning bank balance and set up his expense

categories in the blank columns in the “Checks” area. He continued on

to enter data for his checks, debits and bank transfers.  

Jody says . . . I like the many different columns for business


The Big E-Z system has room for 25 main expense

categories. There are also 100 columns for subcategorizing or tracking

totals to complete 1099s.  Tip: Choose expense categories from

the Category Corner.

          DEPOSITS . . .

Jody then set up his income categories in the “Deposits” area. There

are 11 columns to use for tracking your main income categories and

100 columns for subcategorizing income. What’s really cool is the

Big E-Z System has the ability to track income and expenses for

each job individually by using the purple “Subcategory Section”.  

Jody then went on to enter the payments he received.

         CASH & CHARGES . . .

Accounting for cash expenditures, credit card

purchases and items like mileage are recorded

in the “Cash & Charges” area.

He reviews reports like the Income & Expenses Report

to make better business decisions.

Jody finds the available reports very helpful in managing

his business.

Jody says... On a monthly basis, I can see exactly where

the money is being spent. Which in turn helps me make better

business decisions with my employees, vendors & clients.

Advice to other contractors . . .

Jody says . . . My advice to other contractors who are frustrated with QuickBooks, or are still doing accounting on paper, is to give Big E-Z a try. They will not regret it. I started on paper in 2003. Switched to Quickbooks in 2005. Then, finally in 2007, I decided to give Big E-Z Books a try and have been using the system ever since.

The online service Jody uses is called MyOnlineToolbox.   

Income&expenses Cash Flow - Out