Use Our Built-In Controls for Mistake Proof Accounting

1)  Reconcile your checkbook each month to prove your checkbook is in balance

2)  Record all your credit card transactions in the Cash&Charges and match those

 balances with credit card statements and with the balances in Account Balance Tracker (ABT)

3)  Do the same, as above, for all accounts such as your savings, loans and merchant accounts.

The Balance Sheet & Trial Balance Proves It

We have successfully simplified the accounting process by a series of

intricate links between the monthly sheets and the summary. In fact,

we like to call it a simplified double-entry cash system and we

think you will find the Balance Sheet & Trial Balance proves it.

Obviously, the ABT must be set up correctly for this to work properly.

The Account Balance Tracker Allows You to View Missed Expenses

Good bookkeeping requires you to consider everything going on in your business or household.  

The only way to determine if everything is accounted for is to categorically list your accounts

and reconcile (or should I say “match-up” totals) as the months go by.

The Account Balance Tracker allows you to do this with ease.