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The History of Big E-Z Bookkeeping

As a child growing up in Detroit, most days you could find me writing on a chalkboard. I was always trying to teach one of my younger siblings or neighbor kids how to do math—whether they liked it or not.

My parents did not have the resources to send me or my six siblings to college so I got a job instead.

Entering my teenage years, I learned how to keep books using an old pegboard system with one-write checks. This was a paper spreadsheet with all its rows and columns—many years before Microsoft came out with Excel.  

I went on to learn accounting the old fashion way by posting a manual general ledger with all the debits and credits, assets and liabilities. Continuing to teach, I volunteered to help small businesses set up their bookkeeping systems. I quickly learned that people were struggling with accounting concepts and re conciliations. So my answer to that was a paper bookkeeping system with NO accounting terms. I taught the system I developed for many years in continuing education.

Emulating my mother, I learned to be very efficient minded, with a dislike for waste. I root for the underdog whenever possible. Today’s small businesses, non-profits, clubs, groups and self-employed are being marketed bookkeeping systems that are way too big, cumbersome and expensive for their needs.

Blending the old fashioned paper spreadsheet with the number crunching ability of Excel, Big E-Z was born. Every year I have tweaked the system until today’s version that is now a stand alone program that includes an income statement, balance sheet and trial balance to prove all the numbers are correct.

The Big E-Z Bookkeeping System is used by small businesses, non-profit organizations, clubs, groups and individuals in the U.S. and other countries.

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